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Based on the life of Mario Capecchi, Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2007. The extraordinary and adventurous story of the transformation of a “wild” boy into a world-famous scientist.

“Tre Sassi”

Past and present, real and interior world, converge in the film. In the present, young Davide is seeking a sense for the mysterious voices and memories that emerge within him. In the past, a handful of foot soldiers conquer for one day only the summit of Sass de Stria (2,477 mt) on the Eastern Dolomites. They are headed by Second Lieutenant Mario Fusetti. It is October 18, 1915. The Great War has just begun. A hundred years later, Davide also makes a desperate night climb of Sass de Stria … Will he be able to understand how much of the life of those soldiers is still pulsating inside him?

“Arpad Weisz – The Forgotten Champion”

From the book “From Championship to Auschwitz” by Matteo Marani, the film will tell the story of a legendary football coach swept away by the Holocaust.

“Renaissance Boys”

A TV series conceived with the intent of restoring to the Renaissance its values, beauty, wonder, but also its intrigues, cruelty and above all its incredible spectacularity, telling the soul of a whole century inhabited by the greatest artists and the most free spirits, but also by the most corrupt, vicious and violent characters.


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