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The origin of Jean Vigo Italia S.r.l. is Cooperativa Jean Vigo, established in 1976 to produce the film Forza Italia!, a satirical and cruel portrait of the then prevailing Christian Democratic party. Oddly enough, the title coincides with the name of the political party founded many years later by Silvio Berlusconi, with whom the film has nothing to do.

Despite its success, Forza Italia! was withdrawn from the Italian theatres on 16 March 1978, the day when Aldo Moro, leader of the Christian Democratic party, was kidnapped by the Red Brigades in an appalling action where five policemen were killed by the terrorists. During his painful captivity Aldo Moro, before being killed, wrote in one of his letters that people should see Forza Italia! to become aware of the ruthlessness of his fellow party members.

Cooperativa Jean Vigo then started to produce art house movies, expressing different and controversial points of view, in line with the message of Jean Vigo, the French director (1905-1934) author of unforgettable films on freedom such as A propos de Nice, Zéro de conduite, L’Atalante.

Among the works realized over the years, often through international co-productions: Maledetti vi amerò (To love the damned), the directorial debut of Marco Tullio Giordana; Le chiavi di casa (The keys to the house) by Gianni Amelio; many of the films by Roberto Faenza, from Sostiene Pereira (According to Pereira) to Prendimi l’anima (The Soul Keeper) until in 2016 La Verità Sta in Cielo (The Truth Lies in Heaven) inspired by the mysterious disappearence in 1983 of teenager Emanuela Orlandi, a Vatican citizen who found herself in the mid of never clarified political and criminal intrigues; I Demoni di San Pietroburgo (The Demons of St. Petersbourg), by Giuliano Montaldo; Il Peccato (Sin) by Andrei Konchalovsky, inspired by the life of Michelangelo, to be released in 2020.

Through its sister company Ad Hoc Film, Jean Vigo Italia produces lower budget movies such as Silvio Forever, co-directed with Filippo Macelloni, hilarious docu-fiction about Silvio Berlusconi, and La Notte è Piccola per Noi By Gianfrancesco Lazotti (2018), a delightful musical comedy.

Jean Vigo Italia is currently developing a number of projects including:

Resilient by Roberto Faenza, in co-production with Rai Cinema, to be shot in Spring 2020

Tre Sassi by Luigi Alberton, a co-production between Italy and Austria, also to be shot in 2020

A TV series based on the novel Le Case del Malcontento by Sacha Naspini – working title Grudgeville

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