Hill of vision


Italy, WWII. After his mother is arrested by fascists, Mario spends his childhood on the streets. In 1947 they are miraculously reunited and start a new life in America. Based on the life of Mario Capecchi, 2007 Nobel Prize in Medicine.


Roberto Faenza (The Days of Abandonment, 2005)


World War II, South Tyrol (Italy). Mario is only five years old when his mother is arrested by the Fascists. The little boy spends his childhood on the streets, living hand-to-mouth. After the war, he and his mother miraculously find each other and begin a new life in America, at the Quaker community Hill of Vision. Mario is unable to fit into the new context of normality, until he discovers, thanks to his scientist uncle, a passion for science. Based on the adventurous life of Mario Capecchi, Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2007.


Jean Vigo Italia with Rai Cinema, a co-production with Rhino Films, Inc. with the support of M.i.C. – Direzione Generale Cinema e Audiovisivo, IDM Südtirol Film Fund & Commission, Lazio Innova, Regione Lazio.


Lucy Ramberg: Laura Haddock (Downton Abbey, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol I&II, Transformers: The Last Knight)
Edward Ramberg: Edward Holcroft (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Kingsman: The Golden Circle)
Sarah Sargent Ramberg:  Elisa Lasowski (Versailles, Game of Thrones)
Luciano Capecchi: Francesco Montanari
Mario Capecchi as a teenager: Jake Donald – Crookes
Mario Capecchi as a child: Lorenzo Ciamei
Frank: Sofia D’Elia
Fratello: Ruben Buccella
Anna: Rosa Diletta Rossi
Birgit: Beatrice Aiello
John: Rufus Gleave
Shelley: Sarah McGarry
Preside Daly: Neil McGarry
Miss Thompson: Elisabeth Kanettis


Produced by: Elda Ferri (Life Is Beautiful, Dir. Roberto Benigni 1997), Milena Canonero, Rex Glensy
With Rai Cinema
Story: Roberto Faenza (The Soul Keeper, 2002)
Screenplay: Roberto Faenza, David Gleeson (Tolkien, 2019)
Editor: Walter Fasano (Call Me by Your Name, Suspiria Remake 2018)
Costume Designer: Milena Canonero (The French Dispatch of the Liberty, Kansas Evening Sun, Barry Lyndon, The Grand Budapest Hotel, Marie Antoinette, The Shining), Bojana Nikitovic
Production Designer: Francesco Frigeri (The Legend of 1900, The Passion of the Christ)
Cinematographer: Giuseppe Pignone
Original Music: Andrea Guerra (Hotel Rwanda, The Pursuit of Happyness, Nine)

Technical data

Year: 2021
Runtime: 101′
Country: Italy/USA
Language: Italian/English