The Soul Keeper

A film by Roberto Faenza with Iain Glen, Emilia Fox, Craig Ferguson and Caroline Ducey.
An Italo-Franco-English co-production.
Golden Globe; Flaiano Award – Best Photography, Best Actress, Best Director (Audience Award)


Roberto Faenza’s film is inspired by a secret correspondence, found only in 1977, between the father of the psychoanalysis Sigmund Freud, his disciple Carl Gustav Jung and a young patient. Sabine Spielrein, a Russian girl of Jewish origin was the first patient suffering from hysteria, cured and healed with the methods of the nascent science of psychoanalysis. With the fascinating atmospheres of the beginning of the century and the cultural suggestions related to Freudian theories on background, the film tells the turbulent events of the intense and ambiguous relationship between Sabine and Jung. The psychoanalyst and his patient soon break their respective roles to abandon themselves to a passion as sensual and erotic as scandalous and tormented.

Official Trailer